CRM Software

Engaging Customers

Customer is King, is the oft-heard term in business circles. Yet, there is always a gap between business service delivery and customer expectations. Often, the dissatisfaction gap leads to shifting customer loyalty and drastic revenue drops. In such a situation, businesses need to gain a holistic customer perspective to consistently satisfy, delight, win and hold customer loyalty. CRM software is your solution. It provides you with insightful data on customer interactions, preferences and satisfaction levels. Chalk out systematic and consistent marketing campaigns for constant contact with customers, excite them with attractive offerings and make efforts to retain their loyalty and endorsement of your products, services and brand.


   Turn customers into advocates, expand markets and generate higher revenues
   One window-view of all customer interactions
   Plan and execute targeted marketing campaigns
   Engage and excite customers through constant contact
   Track customer queries intelligently and proactively address them
   Flexible integration with third-party systems

CRM Software

TSG offers efficient customer engagements through leading CRM software, such as Sage, Zoho; matching scale and needs of your business.

Sage CRM: Sage CRM Solutions give you the tools and insight you need to grow your business and make an indelible impression on customers - with every sales, marketing, support, and service interaction.

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ZOHO: When customers engage across email, social media, and in person, you should, too. With Zoho CRM, you can. Bring all your conversations into one place, and make the most of your interactions at a moment's notice.

Keep customers engaged through constant contact.