Payables Automation

Fast, hassle-free supplier payments

Automate Payables Processing

Businesses receive supplier invoices in multiple ways – paper, image, and pdf formats. For better management, the information needs extraction and Updation to XL spreadsheets. This causes typo errors, duplicate processing, and lengthy reconciliation work with supplier accounts.

Answer: Payables Automation based on the Sage Intacct platform. By automating payables, you get peace of mind, eliminate paperwork and 90% of manual processing activities. Freeing up time for more strategic accounting processes.

How Payables Automation Works

Step by Step Invoice Automation:

1. Invoice data (paper, image and pdf) is accurately scanned with OCR and generates automatic supplier payment requests.

2. Automated coding and matching of invoices to Supplier Purchase Orders (POs).

3. Set rules to validate and rectify Duplicate Invoices.

4. Validated invoice amounts, can be allocated and sorted into respective cost centres, business entities and accounting books.

5. Multi-level authorisation workflow for quick processing of coded invoices with pre-defined limits.

Salient Features of Payables Automation

85% efficiency with OCR technology

Automatic capture, upload, and accurate matching of supplier invoice data.

Automate Supplier Payables

62% faster processing of PO requests, invoices, and approvals.

Paperless Processing

Eliminate paper and manual processing with digital invoices.

Reduce Errors

Avoid costly typos, duplications, or corrections.

Enhance transparency

Pre-defined validation rules with unique invoice reference numbers offer greater visibility and control for effective audit trails.

Minimise Fraud

Ensure quick detection and prevention of accounting fraud.

Benefits of Payables Automation:

Efficient processing

Lesser processing time with automatic POs/invoice data capture and detecting errors/supplier mismatches.

No paper

100% paperless system reduces costs on account of printing and data loss.

Anytime invoice access/approvals

Anytime access, secure invoice storage and on-the-go approvals give better control and visibility of the payables process

Payables Automation

Automate invoice capture, coding and matching suppliers with seamless inputs to the central accounting system.

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